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My Original Web Site

My original web site - TwoCommasWealth.com - was my initial attempt at building a web site, it was a steep learning curve for me then, even though I did have a background in programming.

At that time I was just getting started with Internet Marketing and was attempting to make some income with it.

One of the products I was trying to sell was a "Think and Grow Rich Home Study Program", but with no results. I will be making this package available again on DVD(due to the large file size) through eBay at a much reduced cost to the original $397, probably about $15.

I was also using this site to share my thoughts and wisdom on various topics.

The latest version of this site now contains a lot of the original content from this initial site. You can find it HERE. It now has a much improved look and feel to it, using much of the basic web programing that I set out in my book "Build Your First Web Site Today", that is available from Amazon Kindle through the link on the home page of this site, and more that I will be included in Part 2 of the Series "Adding Flexability and Extra Features to Your Basic Web Site".

The City Of Enlightenment

This is the web site for a book I am the process of writing, and want to have it finished within the next few months.

It started out as a journal entry about some guided meditations I was doing and expanded into this book.

This is the link to the site HERE.